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NEWS: April 4th, 2016. The second edition of Discovering English with Sketch Engine, a.k.a. DESKE has been published today, along with a Workbook and Glossary.


Versatile.pub is the address of a small, independent publishing venture which got off the ground in spring 2015.

It self-publishes a variety of works, mainly written, co-authored, edited or commissioned by James Thomas.

The name, Versatile, was chosen for its primary meaning and its connotations, as can be seen in the word cloud of words similar to versatile on the About page. Even though the primary focus is on books for English language teaching, and especially those that relate to the use of language corpora, there is flexibility for literature, poetry, music and software.

Versatile would not be possible without the extraordinary developments in print- on-demand technology. After some investigation and experimentation, Lulu.com was chosen as the printer and distributor. See the Lulu page for how a list of contributing features.

An important part of this website is its Glossary. Given that the terms used in various books need defining and discussing, it was felt more appropriate to create an electronic glossary in the form of a wiki so that the relationships between the concepts could be linked. The glossary will forever be a work-in-progress.

The Versatile team consists of a group of friends and acquaintances, each contributing their great talents in their own ways.



  • info@versatile.pub
  • versatile.pub@gmail.com


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