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ISBN 978-80-260-8360-3
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Discovering English with Sketch Engine is intended primarily for teachers and advanced students of English as a foreign language. Several aims run in parallel as the reader undertakes guided discovery tasks: in the process of exploring over three hundred language questions?, the reader learns how to use all of the relevant Sketch Engine tools. The tasks cover and uncover aspects of vocabulary, grammar, stylistics, discourse and pragmatics. At the core of the language work lies patterns of normal usage. There are two indices: Index of Names and Notions  and the Word Focus Index.

Sketch Engine is online software that combines a specialised search engine and many corpora in many languages. The data returned from searches can be presented as concordance lines, collocation lists, word clouds, word sketches, bundles and chunks. The data processing can be at all levels: letters, morphemes, words, clauses, phrases, chunks, sentences and text. 

It used by language students and teachers, by translators, editors, lexicographers, grammarians and other working in various linguistic fields. Sketch Engine was developed with lexicography in mind and is used by some of the world's major dictionary publishers. This makes it entirely compatible with the lexical focus in contemporary language education, and an ideal vehicle for learning language and about language.

Discovering English with Sketch Engine takes its readers on a voyage of guided discovery that ultimately equips them with the knowledge and skills to formulate, ask and solve language queries. This is a skill for life.

The second edition was published in April 2016 with numerous small changes, references to newly-available coropora, and several new sections including a chapter on parallel corpora. 

Accompanying the second edition is a Workbook and Glossary.




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